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The Museum Project

The Suffrage Coalition has spent decades locating and preserving the history of Tennessee  woman suffrage.  The posters, postcards, letters and artifacts bring to life the passions on both sides. 

Why Tennessee Woman Suffrage Needs a Home of its Own

All their sacrifice and enormous contribution to making ours a “more perfect union” was nearly forgotten by all but a few scholars.

Why Knoxville

We need to celebrate the sacrifice and achievements of all suffragists in all the Grand Regions, but the final victory story is deeply rooted in East Tennessee.

Women’s History


1915 Parade

1915 Parade

--October 1915 Parade October of 1915 brought to the streets of NYC one of the most important parades in support of woman suffrage.  For a day, attention turned away from the ongoing world war and toward the long struggle here for equality for more than half its...

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Learn about Suffrage History and the Women’s Right to Vote in Tennessee

Get Involved

The Perfect 36 Circle was formed to provide insight, feedback, advice, and assistance to ensure this project moves forward efficiently and addresses the legitimate concerns of all those who care about history and the woman suffrage history in particular.