The Suffrage Coalition


The Suffrage Coalition is a 501c(3) nonprofit group and a special project of the East Tennessee Foundation. The mission of the Suffrage Coalition is to “locate, preserve, and educate regarding the history of woman’s suffrage.”

Special Program: 100 Years Ago Today in Nashville: Winning the Vote

Very heartfelt thank you to Bill Crane, Nashville Mayor John Cooper and Tyler Boyd for participating in our panel. 

NPR: The Nudge And Tie Breaker That Took Women’s Suffrage From Nay To Yea 

1984: Mississippi ratifies the 19th Amendment

“bury [19th Amendment] beyond resurrection;” [women should remain] “queen of the home and hearthstone.” “I am absolutely, inherently, fundamentally, first, last, and all the time opposed to woman suffrage.” – Joe Owen of Union, Mississippi 1914.

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A Vote of Her Own: The Musical

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