August 5, 2021

Are Women People?

Alice Duer Miller (1874-1942) wrote a woman suffrage column for the New York Tribune in 1915 and 1917 called “Are Women People?”  She took on issues and men who criticize women for wanting to vote and work. Click on the link to read some of her columns.

“I am opposed to woman suffrage, but I am not opposed to woman,” said Mr. Webb in an Anti-suffrage speech in North Carolina

Miller replied in her column:

O women, have you heard the news
Of charity and grace?

Look, look, how joy and gratitude
Are beaming in my face!

For Mr. Webb is not opposed
To woman in her place!

O Mr. Webb, how kind you are
To let us live at all,

To let us light the kitchen range
And tidy up the hall;

To tolerate the female sex
In spite of Adam’s fall.

O girls, suppose that Mr. Webb

Should alter his decree!

Suppose he were opposed to us–

Opposed to you and me.

What would be left for us to do–

Except to cease to be?

More challenges to our efforts to celebrate the Centennial and Centennial Plus of women’s right to vote. We are committed to celebrating safely and ask you to join us in that effort. Outdoor events will continue as planned, but mask wearing may be requested if the tour groups are especially large. Slide shows will have limited seating to allow social distancing. Mask wearing is expected. Febb Burn Banquet will go on, but all those attending in person must be fully vaccinated. Masking will be necessary except when seated at your table or actively eating or drinking. We are diligently pursuing a virtual option for those who have not yet or cannot get vaccinated. Please check this site periodically as this policy may be updated as necessary.