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“General” Rosalie Jones

“General” Rosalie Jones, daughter of an anti-suffragist mother,  was known for leading her “suffrage army” on hikes to support the cause.  First, she led them from New York City to Albany (the state capitol) on December 6-28, 1912.  The second, much more challenging hike was from New York to Washington D.C. from February 12-28, 1913.  They arrived in time to join the famed March 3, 1913 suffrage parade and pageant — the day before President Wilson’s first inauguration.  She led other hikes as well and participated in a number of creative activities to draw attention to the cause.  For example, she threw yellow suffrage brochures out of a biplane to the people below and toured the city in a horse and buggy, winning converts along the way.  She used her law degrees to help those who could not afford a lawyer. Clearly, she was an intelligent, creative, and ardent suffrage supporter.