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The title of our new musical “A Vote of Her Own” is a poetic reminder that from 1776, the date of the Declaration of Independence, until 1920, women of the United States did not have “a vote of her own”. For 144 years, there were countless campaigns to enable voting rights for women in municipalities, counties, states, and finally through an amendment to the American Constitution, and each of those campaigns has a story. 

“A Vote of Her Own” is the story of the final campaign to pass a federal amendment to the US Constitution that took place in Tennessee in a very hot summer of 1920. It is a story packed with political intrigue, prejudice against women and comical legislative debates that may seem inexplicable to modern audiences. Opponents to the amendment included women who stoked racial division. 

“We now have 35 and a half states. We are down to the last half of the last state. The opposition is here fighting with no scruples, appealing to Negro-phobia and every other cave man prejudice. I have been here for over a month. It is hot, muggy, nasty… no matter what the outcome, I will never remember this last campaign with anything but a shudder.” 

   -Carrie Chapman Catt, National League of Women Voters, president
   -A Vote of Her Own Act I Scene VIII 

Our script is based on letters, diaries, newspaper accounts and memoirs. Woven throughout are vintage suffrage songs as well as ten original songs written for this production.


$20.00 all funds go to the Suffrage Coalition